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*The Top 10 Hosting Companies Chart is based on independent data documenting which company hosts the most websites out of the top 5,000,000 ranked in the world.

Information based on Q1 2016 numbers


First of all you need to be sure that the hosting company you use will still be in business in a year’s time. There are many fly by night, bedroom based “hosting companies” that spring up overnight make amazing promises and offer cheaper than cheap hosting rates…only to disappear in thin air. Thats why we here at Hosting Charts only list the big boys because although nothing is certain, the bigger hosting companies have the resources to upgrade servers, improve quality and hire support staff so when in doubt always go with the bigger companies when you are hosting your precious website because you don’t want to lose your files, data and backups because up screw ups that tend to happen with smaller hosting businesses. We are not picking on the small business or up and comers, its just that from experience and countless reviews, when it comes to web hosting more than anything else you should really stick with the larger companies.

A good hosting company should have:

  • HIGH LEVEL SECURITY- It’s usually not a question of if your website will be attacked, nowadays it’s a question of when, and so especially on shared hosting, you need to know if you will be in safe hands when viruses, malware and DDoS attacks happen and if the company has the know how, man power and security to combat it without damage.
  • SUPPORT- Chances are we will all need a little help from time to time as problems arise all the time and time is money especially if you are running an e-commerce website. So, it is always good when your questions are replied to straight away and that the answers actually work. Some companies have dedicated 24/7 support teams while some have outreach staff or email only support. It is a good idea to check beforehand on what type of support there is and if there is any to your country.
  • LATEST SERVERS- Servers are what makes the web hosting world go around so if your hosting company always invests in the latest up to date servers then you’re in good hands but if your hosting company is the type that uses second or third hand servers from 1997 then I don’t have to tell you the downsides to that scenario is. It is difficult to know what servers each company is using, some will tell you what servers they are using on their website and most won’t, but as I have mentioned before the big boys are usually the ones that tend to update and upgrade on a regular basis.

To check each companies hosting plans and services just use the links in the chart above to find all the latest information.