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Name Domain Renewal Code 2017

Name renewal code

To take advantage of the February Discounts at, you simply need to type the word “PICKLE” into the promo code field on the check out page. When you enter this code, DOT .COM registrations and renewals will drop down to just $9.99 and DOT .NET’s to just $10.99

Now you can stop noodling on your ideas and start building your online empire

Expires 28 February 2017


Namecheap Transfer Codes 2017

Namecheap $8.67 transfer promo code

Namecheap offers domain transfers for under $9 including FREE Whois Privacy on each transferred in domain($2.88 value). The latest Namecheap transfer codes are:

  • SWITCH2NC -$8.67 Dot Com/Net/Biz/Org/Info Transfer
  • SNOMAIN -$8.84 Dot Com transfer

Promo Codes updated FEBRUARY 2017


Every year on January 28th Namecheap offers substantial savings on domain name transfers ($3.98 this year) on Move Your Domain Day in support of Earth Day. It is worthwhile waiting for this offer and doing a bulk transfer of your soon to be expiring domains.


A clever way of renewing your domain for 2 years for under $5 is to use the Namecheap $4 transfer offer above, wait 60 days and transfer to Godaddy using a $7.99 domain transfer to get the 2 years of renewals for under $12.


Godaddy $1 WordPress Hosting Coupon

Godaddy WP hosting promo code

Listed below are the latest coupon codes as of February 2017 to get Go Daddy 1 Dollar WordPress Hosting including a FREE Dot Com domain name of your choice. Coupon has been recently tested and should work Worldwide:


To use the coupon just go to the correct WordPress Hosting Section and add to your cart along with FREE domain name and go to Checkout. On the bottom left of the checkout there is an “ADD PROMO CODE” section where you can add the above code(s) and the amount should be adjusted to $12 which is for 1 years hosting.

All Web Hosting plans include:

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Email Address(Up to 1000 email addresses)
  • 1-Click install of over 200 FREE Applications
  • 1GB Database Storage(Linux) and 200mb(Windows)
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring and DDoS Protection
  • 1-Click Setup(with Godaddy registered domain names)
  • Easy to Use Settings

BigRock 30% Hosting Coupon 2017

big rock 30% off hosting coupon code

Get the latest BigRock Hosting Coupons for discounts on the Award Winning BigRock Web Hosting packages. All plans include:

  • Unlimited Domains, Emails & Space
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy to Use Control Panels
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The latest Big Rock Codes for Web Hosting are:

  • FEBAFF17

Promo Code gives 27% OFF Shared Hosting/Reseller Hosting PLUS 10% OFF domains

Coupon expires 28 February  2017


Free Godaddy Hosting 2017

how to get free godaddy hosting

how to get free godaddy hosting


Yes, I’m going to show you how you can get 12 Months of FREE GoDaddy Web Hosting totally FREE and maybe with a few extra dollars in your pocket. Nothing sneaky, nothing dodgy, nothing risky just good old fashioned cleverness.

OK, Godaddy Economy Hosting is cheap enough as it is( $12/year with a Coupon Code) and it is one of the better hosting choices that you can have, I mean we use it for some of our sites and its been more or less(minus a few blackouts) trouble free and the customer service is top notch.

So, what we are going to do is get the $12 Web Hosting(some countries will be $14.58 with Tax) for the year and the FREE domain name that comes with it and then simply sell it because chances are you already have a domain that you want to use with the hosting so this FREE is just extra.

The hardest part of this “mission” is to find a good domain(has to be Dot Com) to get for FREE to sell quickly. I would stick to 5 and 6 letter Dot Coms because they are probably from my experience the most liquid and quickest new hand registered dot coms to sell. In case you’re wondering, 2, 3 and 4 letter Dot Coms have all been registered many years ago.


You can go blind and try to type in everything that comes to your mind to see if its available but for most newbies I would search the daily drop lists to see what will become available on that day. I will do a lengthy post on dropped domains soon. Just filter out some of the options so you get just .COM, LETTERS & 4-6 CHARACTER COUNT and see what will be available that day or the rest of the week. Then simply find a decent domain name that looks brandable and sellable. Make sure you make a list of at least 20+ because there are loads of “sniping sharks” out there waiting to register names as soon as they become available(18:45+ GMT, 13:45+ EASTERN). Once you’ve got your list we’ll wait until at least an hour after drop time to buy our Hosting and FREE domain. You can do it earlier if your domain is available to register and you can check by going to Whois and typing in the name.

Godaddy free hosting


So, in your existing or new Godaddy account(you can get an additional 0.99 cent domain with a new account) go into:

  • At CHECKOUT(should be $59.88 Total) ADD PROMOTIONAL CODE
  • TOTAL should come down to $12

selling domains on Ebay


Now that we have our FREE Dot Com lets give it a logo to make it more eye catching and sellable. Their are many free logo making sites out there or you could easily do a quick colourful font style logo, just make it attractive.

Once you’ve got that done now its time to list it for sale and we are going to choose Ebay to do it. Why, because its the easiest, quickest and best venue(even better than the Domain Auction houses) to sell a brandable dot com for around $20

Most people have an Ebay account, if you don’t open one and connect your Paypal to it. Go to the DOMAINS>RECENTLY SOLD section to see what type of names have been sold and get a grasp of the listing descriptions. Some tips:

  • Pick a similar domain for sale and click on SELL A SIMILAR ONE and then adapt to your listing
  • The logo image should be at least 500 X 500 pixels to list on Ebay
  • Add some eye catching description to the Logo image like in the example above
  • Put some keywords like BRANDABLE , 4 , 5 ,6 COM in the Listing description line

Its FREE to list on Ebay and you only pay about 10% of the sale price. Now to get our money back we should be selling the domain at $14.99(minus Ebay & Paypal Fees) to get about $12 back in our hands. Of course you can sell this domain for any price you want, the sweet spot on Ebay is usually between $19 -$49, but a domain can sell for whatever someone is willing to pay for it…. but don’t put it up for sale for something like $450,000 like some idiots do.

Don’t forget the domain is FREE for one year, then you have to renew it, so you’ve got a good while to get the price you want but if you want your money back quite quickly keep it for sale under $20.

So, thats the trick to get free Godaddy Hosting. But don’t forget renewal is at full cost, so don’t forget to turn off automatic renewal if you don’t want to keep any of the products. And remember, you can do this as many times as you want in the same account. We do it all the time.


Create a Startup for Under $20

cheap professional websites

cheap web hosting


Well, the title is just a little misleading because what we are going to do is to create the appearance of a startup with a professionally looking website, fully hosted and with its own Dot Com all for under $20. But if your new business doesn’t need an immensively technical website then chances are that this will do just nicely

Yes, there are many companies offering free hosting or sub-domains(e.g. but if you want to create your own proper looking website plus get some basic knowledge of hosting and website creation then this is probably the best way and most importantly, the cheapest way.

But if you want to find out how to get Godaddy Hosting FREE for year then read our article here.


The first thing you must have thought about is the name of your Startup or Business name. Chances are your ideal Dot Com name had already been registered by someone else and is either in use by another company or is up for sale for a ridiculous amount of money. If you really are set on that particular name thats already been taken then there are options:

  • Contact a Domain Broker and they will act on your behalf(for a fee) to contact the domain owner on your behalf and to make an offer
  • Register an available Dot Com with added prefix words to it e.g If your ideal name is Snazzy for example, you could register  or or
  • Register your name in another Dot Extension. Recently there have been hundreds of new Dot extensions released like .Web  .Buzz .Online etc…  on top of already existing ones like .Net .Me .TV etc.. Maybe you could use on of them but for this article we’re sticking with dot com

COST SO FAR – $0.00



Lets assume you’ve picked your Dot Com name and gone with something like INSTARIA.COM (available to register at time of publishing) so now you need to register it before anyone else. If you open a new account there are some registrars that are offering new customers the chance to get your Dot Com for just 0.99 cents:

  • Name 99 cents offer
  • GoDaddy 99 cents offer
  • 1&1 99 cents offer

Check out our Cheapest Domain Registrations page for the latest offers

So for this article we are going to go with Godaddy, the Worlds largest Registrar and from personal experience one of the best, forget a lot of the bad press, they truly have good Customer Service and an easy to use interface. So open a new account, use the COUPON CODE and register your name making sure your Contact Details are correct.

COST SO FAR: $0.99


You may or may have an idea for you logo. If you have an have a bit of experience designing then of course you can do it yourself. If not you can go to places like LogoMaker that provide thousands of templates to choose from.

But my choice for a professionally bespoke logo design would be to go to Fiverr and get someone with a good portfolio to make one for you for 5 bucks. Make sure you get one of the logo sizes in 220 X 120pixels in PNG format so it can be uploaded easy to your future website.

COST SO FAR: $5.99


Now that you have your domain and brand you need to get a web presence and get some web hosting. You can see our charts for all the latest ratings in 10+ different categories. But this time we are going for basic hosting. We are going to stick with Godaddy as you domain name is already there and it makes things simpler but you can have our domain in any registrar and have hosting with a different company, thats OK you just need the adjust some DNS settings.

So at Godaddy go to the Web hosting page and:

  • Select Economy Hosting at $3.99/Month
  • Go to the Checkout Page(Don’t checkout yet)
  • Select 12 MONTHS in the Term Menu
  • Under the SUBTOTAL on the right click on ADD next to HAVE A PROMOTIONAL CODE?
  • Enter the latest Hosting Code and apply
  • The Total Price should change to $12 (or $14.40 in some Countries)
  • Checkout and pay

And that’s it, you’ve got a years worth of good hosting for a buck a month and now to set it up…..

COST SO FAR: $17.99


OK, so now its time to set up the hosting and get going. On your MY PRODUCTS part of your Godaddy Account click on:


The account will then be automatically created and your cPanel(Website Dashboard) will be created. If you go into the INSTALLATRON APPLICATION(Always the quickest access to your site via cPanel) you can access your live site instantly. It should have just a normal basic Hello World page on it.

From the Installatron you can access the WordPress apllication via the e.g. INSTARIA.COM/WP-ADMIN/ and it will take you to a quick WordPress setup which is great for beginners especially adding your email address which is important. Do all that and you can even quickly choose your free theme(what the site will look like when its done) but don’t worry we can change the theme later.

COST SO FAR: $17.99


There are thousands of free WordPress themes out there and range from crappy to surprisingly good. We have picked out a couple of the best which are:

  • VIRTUE – A free heavyweight theme with lots of customization and support
  • ZERIF – Good looking front page Startup type theme

But we’ll pick Virtue for now. So, go into your DASHBOARD on the website and on the left menu select:

  • Type in VIRTUE and the theme should come up
  • Click INSTALL
  • The Virtue theme should be uploaded then click ACTIVATE

Now when you go onto your live website you’ll notice that your site looks similar the Theme preview but a bit different but thats OK because now its time to customize it. Unfortunately as this is a free theme some of the options are locked but many of the basic good ones still remain.

COST SO FAR: $17.99


Now I could go on and do a complete mega tutorial about designing and customizing your website but the good people of Kadance(the creators of the Virtue Theme) have already done some fantastic easy to understand Tutorials or you can see the tutorials in action on YouTube.

If you want to add a web store with products, the tutorials above will show you how to have a professional looking online store on par with many that you see and use regularly online.

So, that’s its. By now you should be online and have a very good Hosting Plan for 12 months. All thats left for you is to get your brand out there and become the next big thing!


Godaddy $1 Hosting Coupon 2017

Godaddy WP hosting promo code

Listed below are the latest coupon codes as of January 2017(Tested December 5 2016) to get Go Daddy 1 Dollar Web Hosting including a FREE Dot Com domain name of your choice. Coupon has been recently tested and should work Worldwide:


To use the coupon just go to the correct Web Hosting Section and add to your cart along with FREE domain name and go to Checkout. On the bottom left of the checkout there is an “ADD PROMO CODE” section where you can add the above code(s) and the amount should be adjusted to $12 which is for 1 years hosting.

All Web Hosting plans include:

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Email Address(Up to 1000 email addresses)
  • 1-Click install of over 200 FREE Applications
  • 1GB Database Storage(Linux) and 200mb(Windows)
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring and DDoS Protection
  • 1-Click Setup(with Godaddy registered domain names)
  • Easy to Use Settings

Who Keeps Bidding Early On Domain Auctions ? My Theory

TITO Hosting ChartsTITO SAYS: If there is one thing that gets my dander up and makes me punch the laptop screen in frustration, then its early bird bidders on Domain Auctions. Its frustrating especially when you’ve just spent several good hours searching 7 days in advance on Godaddy Expiring Auctions for good dot coms with no bids and keeping watch as every day draws nearer to the auction end with still nobody bidding.”Maybe nobody knows the true value of this domain like I do” you think to yourself or maybe “All my arch enemies who always bid me up are away on Holiday this week and can’t get to any Wifi hot spots” you hopes to yourself…… only to find 3 days from auction some stupid fool puts in a bid. And you know what that means? More bids! Because Domainers are attracted to domains with bids quicker than flies to a freshly dropped turd.Army Training put to good use

Why do it? Why attract more bidders to an auction you want to win? Whats the end goal here? I just don’t see the point, but my good friend Jordan said to me once “Calm down Tito, maybe there’s a reason” and even though I couldn’t believe it at that moment, maybe there is a reason to this stupidity. So, here are my deep thoughts on why this phenomena occurs in the Domaining Universe:

  • I’LL BE AWAY THEORY – OK, so I’ve bid early on a couple of occasions myself ONLY because of something important coming up like a family meeting, Ribs night or some hot chick needed me BUT I only bid a couple of hours before and not days so there is no excuse. OK, so you may go on Holiday and need to bid a week in advance but really, in this day and age you can’t use your smartphone or laptop and get Wifi, where you going on Holiday? Mars? Antartica, Detroit?
  • BID OR I’LL FORGET THEORY – In this scenario the bidder bids early or lest they forget at a later date about it probably because they have either: a) a bad memory b) so busy it slips there mind, c) they’re watching so many auctions they get confused or d) have absolutely no pens or paper around their house so as to write down the auction ending times. Either one.
  • CAN’T AFFORD IT THEORY – In this theory the bidder is on wafer thin fumes for a budget so can only afford the auction price + renewal cost and not a penny more so they bid early in the hope of getting said domain for the price and scaring off any other potential bidders by thinking “This person must really want this domain by bidding so early, I’m not gonna get in a bidding war with this one” and moves on. However, this theory almost never works, have you ever seen Bidder #1 win? nope, me neither.
  • CONSPIRACY THEORY – You can’t have a proper discussion without at least one conspiracy theory. Although I have no concrete proof, I thoroughly believe some auction houses get an employee to put a bid in early in the hope of attracting more bidders which leads to more money for the Auction house. This happens a lot with certain types of domains like LLLL and CCC ones. The first bidder never wins and never bids more than $12, like you’re gonna get a quad premium for 12 bucks, come on, you got more chance of me becoming the next head chef at Gordan Ramsey’s new restaurant.
  • STUPIDITY THEORY – In this theory, which I’m gonna stick with as I think is the most plausible, the bidder bids early because they are an absolute Monkey Dick and have no idea on how to win an auction and since they have about 12 brain cells they continually do this to domains I always want.

So, there you have it, now you know the real reasons why people bid early on Domain Auctions and thats that, you won’t get any better thesis’ or essays on the matter anywhere else. But if you have any other crackpot theories please leave them in the comments below and if they’re Tito-worthy then I’ll add them to the list above.





Arvixe latest renewal codes

Get the latest promo codes for Arvixe Web Hosting savings in 2017:

  • ARVIXE10 – Use this promo code for a 10% Lifetime discount on your shared hosting plan
  • ARV20 – Use this code for a one time 20% off selected hosting plans
  • FREEDOMAIN – Use this code for a FREE domain with your hosting plan with FREE Renewals for as long as you keep your hosting

Please see the Arvixe Coupons Page for more details and terms on these offers