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Listed above are the Top 10 Rated Web Hosting websites in the World based on our formula of Reviews, Ratings, Rankings and Stats taken from multiple different sources.

Chart based on Q1 2016 Data


THE OFFER LENGTH-The first thing that you need to do is to find out what exactly are the terms of the free offer because you don’t want to be hosting your site for free only to start receiving billing after the year is up. Check the offer details and the length of the free hosting offer. Some offer free hosting for life and some offer try before you buy type offers.

HOSTING RESOURCES- You also need to know what are the resource limits on for the free hosting offer  like how much memory and space can you use before you run over much like a basic mobile phone offer. It depends on what website you are building and what traffic you are expecting. Most companies allow for basic memory and traffic amount and require an upgrade if resources are stretched and reach their limit.

FREE ADVERTISING- Some hosting companies allow free hosting in exchange for free advertising banners to be placed on your website. Although this practice is becoming less popular, some web hosting services are still using this service so you will need to check if that is the case or not.

FEATURES- Ideally you would like easy application(like one click WordPress) installation for your hosting and easy to access templates and other features. As with most some offer all the features of paid hosting while some offer a limited amount.

DESIGN- Some of the companies listed above focus more on the design and look of a website more than the hosting and companies like Wix and Webs primarily focus on free website builder software to help produce quality looking websites by offering many different templates and themes.

SIMPLICITY- It’s not worth getting free hosting if the control panel is too complicated to use. Many of the larger hosting companies have simple control panels with quick access features for newbies and professionals alike so websites can be built simply and quickly. However, some of the less used and smaller companies use outdated backend systems that you a need a degree in just to work out the basic of tasks.

As with all things you need to read up on the offer before jumping in. Just follow our quick links on the Chart above for more information on each free web hosting offer available.