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Listed above are the Top 10 Rated Web Hosting websites in the World based on our formula of Reviews, Ratings, Rankings and Stats taken from multiple different sources.

Chart based on Q1 2016 Data


Before you start you need to think ahead and work out what type of Web Hosting you are going to need for your website. Are you just simply creating a personal blog and don’t expect much traffic at first? Or are you creating an e-commerce website where people can buy you goods or services? Or maybe you are creating websites to sell or for other people/clients?

Whatever the reason, figure out what you’re going to be doing or what you eventually plan on doing and pick sensibly because there is no sense in overpaying for a hosting package that you won’t fully get all the benefits from or selecting an over complicated system for a simple web project. If you would like more information on the many different types of web hosting available then check out out guide.

UPTIME- No matter what website you want to create, Uptime is a must. Uptime means the amount of time (seconds/hours/minutes/days/months) that your website is accessible to people using the internet. Simply put, it’s the percentage of time your website is up and running for the world to see. Most hosting companies offer 99.9% uptime even with their cheapest hosting packages but be weary of companies that do not offer that guarantee because if you’re not seen you won’t be found in the vastness of the internet.

SCALABILITY- If your website is a success you may want to upgrade to better servers or hosting plan to help with the increasing resources. Most hosting providers make it easy for you to upgrade with a few quick extras but some make it quite difficult. Always look at the plans offered on the hosts website to see what upgrades are available if needed, if you don’t see it then look elsewhere.

PRICE- Some people think that hosting is expensive and can put off many, but for a relatively cheap amount you can get a great package with a major company and with all the necessary features for a few dollars a month. And because its cheap it does NOT mean you are lacking in quality. Because web hosting is such a fiercely competitive market, companies offer low priced plans to attract customers so don’t be put off by a low a price.

SECURITY- Hackers love to attack websites, so security is a major deciding factor in choosing the right hosting provider. Does the hosting provider have adequate security to counteract these threats, does it have the latest software to repel these attacks and does it have the resources and staff to combat a major hacking attack. The bigger hosts tend to have all three of those requirements but that is not always the case. Always check their website for hosting information to see what security and safety they provide for your hosting.

SUPPORT- We all need a little help from time to time, some of us need a lot of help especially when starting out, so it’s good to know that your hosting plan comes with 24/7 support for those problems arise and that you get your answers quickly and in easy to understand jargon free language.

BIT OF EVERYTHING- The best hosting plans in life are the ones that have a bit of everything you need: Ease of use (from novice to expert), decent amount of resources(uptime and memory), great support(quick and decisive), security(always updated software and lots of resources to combat trouble), upgrade ability(easy to add more resources or services) and all at a good price(within your budget no matter what type of hosting you uses).