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*All prices listed above are for 1GB of RAM and before coupons have been applied. For any available coupons please see our Hosting Coupons page. Chart updated May 2016

What To Look For In A Good Minecraft Hosting Plan

  1. RAM – RAM is the basic measure for the size of the server, it determines how much space you have, how much you need to play and how many players can play without any lagging. 1GB of RAM will generally comfortably host 10-12 Players. Check the Minecraft Package Guide to see what plan you will need.
  2. RELIABILITY – The last thing you want while deep in play is any server blackout so what you need is a company that provides 99.9% Uptime, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwith and that has a large amount of new servers that are constantly updated and checked by employees. Although a bigger company is not always better, generally companies that have larger resources tend to have a better upkeep of their servers, services and support.
  3. UPSCALABILITY – Some people may be wondering why PRICE is not on this list but that is not a main factor in finding a good Minecraft Host as there are many sites that have quality service for under $3 which are sometimes better than ones that charge over $25 per 1MB RAM. But having the ability to upscale your plan as your players increase is one of the most important parts of finding a good Minecraft Hosting Plan in 2016. Make sure your provider has an easy and adaptable solution to your growing needs and is one that makes the transition as smooth as possible.

For a full rundown of each individual company’s Minecraft Hosting plans please follow the links above for the full package details.